Before You Register For The CSET Test

Before you register to take the CSET exams, you will obviously need to determine what tests you need. After you determine which tests you need to take, review the pre-registration checklist. You will need to have all the information before you can complete the registration process. Among the information you will need, is the test date and location where you want to take the test. You will also need the institution code for any institution you want your scores to be sent to.

You will need to have your payment method ready, and will have to provide accurate contact information, including your social security number and your full legal name. You should also be prepared to answer the background questions that include the number of semester hours you will have completed by the date of the CSET test, when you earned those credits, and the institution code of the college or university where you completed the majority of your college course work. The other question you will probably need to look up an answer for is the code for your undergraduate major If you had a double major, choose the major code closest to the test subject matter of the exam you are taking. All this information can be found on the CSET website.

Registering For The CSET Test
Registration Checklist