CSET English Language Development

Teacher candidates desiring certification in English Language Development (ELD) in the state of California are required to take the CSET: English Language Development examination which consists of three subtests. Each subtest must be registered for and taken individually. A score of 220 is required to pass each subtest. These tests, developed by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, ensure that prospective teachers have the knowledge required to teach the material outlined in the California Common Core Content Standards for English Language Development.

Subtest I (test code 205) consists of two content domains. The Knowledge of English Learners in California and the United States domain contains 10 multiple-choice questions and one short constructed-response question. This domain includes content such as the history of linguistic and cultural diversity in California and the United States, current immigration trends, challenges faced by multicultural groups, academic achievement trends of different typologies of English learners, and the growth and development of children (cognitive, linguistic, social, moral, emotional, and physical). The second content domain of subtest I is Applied Linguistics and contains 34 multiple-choice questions and two short constructed-response questions. Topics covered in this area include the development of languages, language structure, language acquisition, bilingual development, English language linguistics, and the development of language for social and academic purposes and how it promotes student learning. You will have two hours and fifteen minutes to complete this subtest.

Subtest II (test code 206) is comprised of two content domains. The Cultural Foundations domain evaluates your knowledge of major cultural concepts, the effects of diverse cultures in the U.S., cultural influences on learning, and the influence of communities and families on academic achievement. The Foundations of English Learner Education in California and United States domain covers subjects such as key court cases and legislation that impacted educational programs for English learners, current instructional and assessment standards, and research-based theories in literacy development. You will have two hours to complete the 32 multiple-choice questions, one short constructed-response question, and one extended constructed-response question.

Subtest III (test code 207) includes content domains: Principles of ELD Instruction, and Assessment to Promote Receptive and Productive Language Proficiency. This subtest is comprised of 24 multiple-choice questions and two short constructed-response questions. This portion of the test assesses your knowledge of various ELD instruction topics such as the role and importance of aural and oral language instruction, knowledge of the state ELD standards and English language arts standards for reading and writing, and knowledge of state K-12 core curriculum standards. You will have one hour and thirty minutes to complete this subtest.

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