Registration Checklist

There are several steps to complete before you register for the CSET exam. The first task is selecting the test and subtests that you wish to take. Then you select a test date and site to take the test. If you want your scores sent to colleges, find their institution codes. The codes will be required when you fill out the registration information. Internet registration is always available, for regular, late, or emergency registration. Telephone registration is allowed for late or emergency registration, but not for regular registration.

The CSET accepts payment with credit, debit, and check cards. Prices vary per subtest depending on what area the test is in. Late registration carries an additional $18 fee, and emergency registration costs an additional $35. Additional copies of test results are $10; score verification fees are $20, for multiple choice sections, and $50 fore constructed response sections of any subtest. No fee is charged for changing your registration. Payment is expected at registration. For any person who has an outstanding balance 13 days after the day of the test, all scores for that test date are voided and will not be released at any time, even if subsequent payment is made.

Personal information required for registration includes name, address, daytime phone number, social security number, date of birth, and e-mail address. You will also need to provide the number of college semester credit hours you will have completed by the test date. You will need to identify when you earned the credit hours and provide the institution code of the college or university where you earned the majority of the credits. You will also need to specify why you are taking the CSET exam or exams.

Before You Register For The CSET Test
Registering For The CSET Test