Score Report Explanation

On the CSET score report date you can get an unofficial score report on-line. This report can only be viewed one time, and only available for about two weeks after the test is taken. The unofficial report serves only to give the candidate an idea about whether they passed the test or not. The unofficial score cannot be used for any other purpose.

The formal and official CSET score report will be mailed to the address the candidate gave at the time of registration. For those who passed the exam, only the fact that there was a passing score will be given. The actual score will not be released. For those who did not pass, the minimum passing score is provided as well as the score that was actually achieved. Additionally, there is a summary of what CSET subtests have been taken, and which of those subtests have been successfully passed. There is also an explanation of the individual candidate’s strengths and weaknesses on that subtest for use in preparing for a retake of that CSET subtest at some point in the future.

If the candidate believes an error was made in scoring the CSET test either on the multiple-choice portion of the subtest or on the constructed-answer portion, the candidate can request a score verification for an extra fee. If the score is modified as a result of the verification, the fee will be refunded. If the score does not get modified, the candidate will receive notice that the score was affirmed, and the fee is not returned.

Obtaining Your Test Results