What Is The Commission On Teacher Credentialing?

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing is a division of government in California that is responsible for determining appropriate credentials for teachers, and administering the necessary exams to determine if candidates have earned those credentials. The Commission also is in charge of the guidelines for issuing Certificates and permits for public school teachers in California. The Commission was created in 1970. It is made up of nineteen members, including four who are not voting members. Several positions are appointed by the Governor of California and represent California colleges and universities, also represented are classroom teachers and administrators, counselors, and four members of the general public.

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing is perhaps most well known for the CSET tests that allow teaching candidates and teachers to demonstrate subject matter mastery. The CSET exams cover multiple subjects, as well as individual exams that test a single subject in more detail. The CSET exams include among many other subjects, foreign languages, art, sciences, and history. You can visit the CSET exam homepage to determine which exam/exams are best for you. In addition to satisfying California regulations for teacher competency, the CSET exams also satisfy the requirements for the federal No Child Left Behind Act.